Team members 2011

Ella-Camilla Dahle

Representing  Kongsberg Padlding club. Ella worked as a rafting guide for Heidal Rafting in Sjoa between 1995 and 2000. She has taken part in rafting competitions in Norway, Czech Republic, Austria and the Netherlands between 2007 and 2009. In addition she paddles kayak, skis as often as she can and rides single track mountain bike when the sun shines. She is a qualified Optician, but at the moment is studying as a nutritionist.

Ine Skjørten Wilson (team captain)

Ine has been a rafting guide since 1987, and has guided internationally. She has also been a kayak instructor since 2000. She has represented Norway in 6 Worlds, the first time in Costa Rica in 1991.

She still still lives and works with rivers, and owns a company called Planet River together with her husband Rob Wilson, where they paddle expeditions, explore and write about rivers from source to mouth. (www.planetriver.com) She also works as a psychology specialist.

Nina Hvoslef

Nina has been on rivers in Norway and abroad in raft, canoe or kayak since 1994 and has worked as a rafting guide since 1995.  She has competed in the Norwegian Womens Team 4 times, 3 in European Championships in Czech Republic, Germany/Austria, Italy and once in the World Championship in Czech Republic. She has also competed in several European Cups and local rafting competitions. She loves the outdoors and rivers, a passion she shares with her husband. When not working on the river she works as a teacher.

Anja Heggem

Anja comes from Kongsberg and has been with the Kongsberg Paddling Club womens rafting team since it started in 2007. She has taken part in rafting competitions both in Norway and overseas.

She has a sporting background with various sports, where orienteering was a favourite until paddling took over as her main activity. She lives in a paddling family where her husband and 3 children have all been bitten by the paddling bug as well.

She works as an engineer for the  Kongsberg  Group.

Anni Eide Nordlie

Anni started raft guiding with Heidal Rafting in 1998. The last few years she has worked as a freelance guide. She also paddles kayak and loves riverboarding. She competed in local and international rafting competitions for 10 years in a row including in the World Championships in Czech Republic and the European Championship in Austria/Germany.

She is also a  parachute instructor (800 jumps) and glacier guide, and an enthusiastic mountain telemark skier. She works in the financial department in a company in Oslo. She has 2 small girls with her partner.

Helena Bergan

A member of Kongsberg Paddling club, Helena has paddled kayak since 1997. In 2007 she began to train  with rafting and has competed in intrenational competitions, both  European Cup and European Championships.

She is from Sweden originally, but has lived in Norway since 1996. She is married to a Norwegian kayak paddler and has a wonderful seven year old son.She works as an intensive care nurse at a hospital in Drammen.

What do a psychologist, a teacher, an opticician, a nurse and an engineer all have in common? In this case, they are all members of the Norwegian National Womens Rafting Team. Between them they have combined river experience of over 80 years, work as seasonal rafting guides, paddle kayaks, love the river and make a great team!

Torill Pedersen

Grown up and living close to the Norwegian Zambezi, Numedalslågen, Torill started as a rafting guide in Dagali  in 2004. She competed for Norway in the World Championship in Bosnia, and  in the European Championship in Austria.  Torill has an active sport background, with good results as a junior cross country skier. These days she is to be found in her river kayak or raft, if she is not wearing out her bike or her running shoes. She will be on her skies as soon as the snow comes. Torill is up for everything that is fun! She also works as a teacher.

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