Sponsorship and support for the team

The team is entirely self funded by the team members. Travelling to and competing in international events is an expensive undertaking for these women. If you are willing to sponsor the team in some way or wish to contact us, please contact (in Norwegian or English): Ine Skjørten Wilson (team captain) at  ineskj@me.com or Tallis Didcott (public liaison and support) at tallisd@hotmail.com. Most welcome support is cash towards expenses, air tickets or clothing and gear. If you do sponsor us please consider supplying stickers, signs, banners or clothing with your company logo on them, this makes it easier for us to promote you. To check out our sponsors for Costa Rica 2011, please click on the ‘ Sponsors’ button to the left or click here


Some examples of support from previous sponsors include clothing for the team to wear as a uniform both on and off the river,  printing of ‘Norge’, ‘Norway’ and the Norwegian flag on clothing,  physiotherapy sessions for team members, miscellaneous gear and useful items which the team can use whilst on tour. Also of great assistance has been all the generous cash donations which go towards travel expenses, meals and drinks, entry fees to the competition and IRF membership, hotel and accommodation expenses and  miscellaneous expenses whilst travelling to and at competitions.

We try to promote our sponsors whenever possible. There is some provisions for sponsorship display at the river and competitors accommodation, as well as stickers on helmets and paddles. We also promote our sponsors through this website and other social media when possible.

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